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Nightingale's Lament - Simon R. Green I honestly don't know why I keep reading these books... the man just has no sense of subtlety whatsoever. I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping me reading these is to see what new ideas Green can come up with, I will give him that, the man has a fascinating imagination. If he could just harness some of Jim Butcher's ability to tell a story and make you feel for the characters, Nightside would rival The Dresden Files.

The stories thus far just come and go far too quickly, things just seem to happen rather than develop. Characters do things and change without really easing into it. I so terrible want to enjoy the series more than I am, but I'm just not feeling a connection to these characters enough to be able to. John is given too much of a reputation to ever put the guy at fault really, it's just gotten him out of way too many things to make me even think there will be something that can stop him. The times when his mere reputation doesn't get him out of something some random person shows up to bail him out of trouble or he uses his "gift" like a cheat code to just instantly come out on top of the situation. I'm still wondering what the heck his little bullet trick is too, it just kind of popped out of nowhere with no explanation, only that he developed it because of what happened with him and Suzy.

The thing with John's mother... oye, this is where the subtlety really needs to be applied. There's just far too much blurted out about this that's it's really not much of a mystery what the deal is with her. Every time John comes up against something strong it tells him about his mother and how powerful she is... it's like Green doesn't think the reader would be able to piece together clues so he has to just come out and practically tell you what's up with her. I like hints, figuring things out, not just being told what the mystery is out flat and then being told over and over again.

... I should learn to write things in a more coherent way, instead of rambling.