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Nightlife - Rob Thurman Ya know, the story kinda meandered along, in fact, there wasn't much of a plot to pick out. It was just following Cal and his brother Nik. Where this book gets it's 5/5 rating for me is the raw emotion. The brotherly bond between Cal and Nik is just so fundamentally right and unquestionable. It's basic stuff displaying this bond, but Thurman was able to just make it perfect. Then there's the horror and despair - it felt real. There were parts of this book that really had me cringe, not from gore or anything like that, but because of what the characters were feeling or going through. It's so rare for a book to actually have this kind of power over me, but this one did it. Well.

I so badly want to read the next book in the series, I do, but I don't think could take reading two in a row. I'm finding myself just drained after reading that one and things can't get better... they only get worse.

There is a somewhat point of view change halfway through the book, I can't explain what I mean by that else I'd be giving one hell of a spoiler. Suffice to say, it was hard to bear, but made for an exceptional read. It did something I've never read before and for that it was pure genius.