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Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher Love Hurts and Aftermath were the only new stories for me. So this rating is for them.

It was kinda weird reading Love Hurts after Changes. It was a little short as well, yes it's a short story, but still. I don't know, I guess after everything in Changes it was hard to go back to a light hearted story. Sort of light hearted. That bit about the cage was crazy. It didn't help that I read this after Aftermath either, reading the novella from Murphy's POV and being reminded of what happened at the end of the last book... it made reading a story from Dresden's POV depressing.

Aftermath... it was interesting. It got annoying being told about Martian language every five seconds by Murphy though. Really annoying. Other than that, it introduces us to some issues that'll pop up in later novels. Again, though, I... I don't know. It's just hard to read this after Changes.