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Reckless - Andrew Gross This is a First Reads book giveaway review.

I'm a pretty big fan of the urban fantasy genre so I've read a lot of private detective types of thriller/mysteries. I think that played into a bit of how I received this story. It had it's fast pace moments, but compared to the ridiculous speed of UF, it almost seemed slow. That's not necessarily the fault of the book itself, just the way I read it. So, if you don't typically read really fast paced mysteries/fantasies the speed at which the story carries along would be just fine for you.

I enjoyed the characters, Ty Hauck was an interesting lead and his partner Naomi Blum was a good female character. Their interaction with one another is definitely an interesting read as well. The story will take you to different parts of the world, mostly the US and Europe. The story is definitely filled with intrigue and it's a page turner at times so that was pretty awesome.

Really, this book does a lot of things right. The characters and story are both interesting and you will find yourself getting sucked into the book. Anyone looking for a good thriller would find a good one with this novel.