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Magic to the Bone - Devon Monk Would have been three stars, maybe four, but the author decided to throw in the cheesiest, most cliched romance and then felt the need to have two lengthy sex scenes devoted to that. It's stupid and just takes away from the story and character in my opinion and the novel definitely suffered for it.

There was also the issue of Allie and her just being another one of those "special" super powered characters. I hate those. It makes any struggle they have seem forced. She personality also clashed with itself. She was this tough lady and didn't take crap from anyone, but then her swears were... well, they were just childish. Oye. Then there's Allie repeating herself constantly, to the point where the author would use the same line more than once. If you don't have enough material to write a novel, don't just repeat yourself and think that'll do. It's horrible and makes reading the book no fun at all.

I'll probably read the second novel and see where I go with the series from that one. Hopefully this was just a poor introduction to a great series.