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Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire Pretty solid writing and introduction to a series. Foreshadowing and seeds of plots to come were littered throughout and it was great - I love an author with a plan. It was a pretty simple story without huge action scenes and the ending confrontation was a little tame for urban fantasy, but it fit the story and style of writing and it benefited from that greatly.

I didn't find myself attached to the main character or some of the more prominent side characters, but I can see myself becoming attached after I read ore of the series. I liked them and all, but I'm just not attached yet. I did feel for some of the smaller side characters though. There were a couple deaths that were just sad. Not because I loved those characters, hell one was only there for about five minutes, but because of the mark their deaths left on the living. It was believable and for that their deaths were sad.

Definitely look forward to reading the next book when I can.