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The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson So the majority of the book is a drama-fest about Elend and Vin's relationship. A whole lot of nothing happens until the end. This is how Way of the Kings was. I hated that one. I'm wondering if I should go back to the other books Sanderson has written to see if he follows this formula - having an entire book practically a soap opera and then having one hell of an ending that just leaves you stunned. It also makes me wonder if I should just started reading his other books about 150 pages from the ending. Kinda harsh for a four star book, no?

Annoying writing style aside, I really liked the book in the end. It drew on many different emotions [shock, dismay, overwhelming joy, etc] and I love that in a book. Not to mention it ended with one hell of a twist that is so subtly hinted at you'll almost think it's a twist pulled out of thin air. That's one of the main reason this book gets four stars. It really was a masterful move and clever writing for the ending.

The story, as mentioned earlier, does spend a great deal on Elend and Vin. It's pretty boring because the two repeat themselves over and over and over and over again. A prime example of 'ad nauseam.' So I do warn anyone going into this book that you'll probably want to just drop it, but I would urge you to read to the end. It'll be worth it. The story does pull together and it's quite awesome. The characters also really start to shine towards the end. Once the pressure is on you get to see new sides to many of them. If nothing else, just keep reading to learn more about the characters.

... I'll add more later. Writing a review right after finishing the book isn't a good idea. I tend to ramble and things get all jumbled and out of place. Bleh.