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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning There were interesting aspects to the novel, but the main character is just horrible and the story is kind of just there - nothing really becomes of it. The writing comes off as extremely pretentious and belittling while repeating itself over and over again.

So I finished the series and instead of commenting on it as a whole on the last book's review I figured I'd put it here. First off, the series should have been a trilogy. If scenes weren't repeated over and over again and sex weren't such a huge part of this, it could have been shorted by two books. Secondly, the plot isn't focused on enough. It could have been a lot deeper, but instead we had to read about Mac's trust issues the entire time, who she thought was hot, and than either sex or almost sex. Lastly, the series tries to convince you that rape is just fine and dandy. If that's not disgusting, I don't know what is. The sad thing is, there will probably be a lot of people that don't even realize what kind of message that particular part of the book sends. =",",",",",",0,,,,, 186074,The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle