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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs It's a bit of a generic seeming book to start out the series and I can't say it'll really wow anyone, but it's just the introduction. You get a glimpse of the world and characters here. You won't know every single detail about them from this first book, you have to learn that from reading the rest of the series. It does excel in the pacing. You don't have the stupid immediate love and sex right off the bat like a lot of other books these days

This is about the series as a whole so far rather than the first book:

I didn't think much of this series for the first two books. It seemed like an uninteresting and bland PNR - a genre that I've come to really hate as it's all pretty much just smut. This series really is different, though. It's actually a romance. o.O It's not just an "omg, he's totally hot, let's sex now" kind of story that seems to plague almost every other series/book in the urban fantasy genre. Heck, there's hardly any sex in the series and the couple times it is there, it's about a line basically just saying "we just had a romp in the sack" and that's it. No out of place or gratuitous descriptions of every single thing they are doing.

There's a bit of action in this as well, but it's not going to be as heavy as other series. The main focus is the characters [read: characters, not love drama]. You'll slowly get to know them over the course of each book, like you would a real person, rather than just reading an info dump about who the characters are.