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Unleashed - John Levitt I may all it quits with the series after this book. Each one has been the exact same thing. I especially get sick of reading about how much like a dog Lou is, but don't forget he's not really a dog. And oh look at Lou not doing something like a dog, but that's okay because he's not a dog. Oh hey, in case you forgot LOU IS NOT A DOG. Lou's. Not. A. Dog. :|

Seriousl, Mr Levitt, at this point in the series I think we all understand that the thing isn't a dog. I also know that Victor is just so uber powerful and awesome. That Eli is a genius and knows the answer to everything. And that, yes, Mason has a lot of talent, but just doesn't know technical crap. Yes, I understand all of these things and don't need to be told every other chapter.

Also, stop with the old flings and black practitioners. Just stop. Please.

One last thing - for once make it a mystery what's happening or what the bad guy is. One super small detail that could be shared amongst many people/creatures shouldn't point people in the right direction every single time. Something having hair doesn't automatically mean it's a werewolf. (no, that's not what happens in this book or any of the previous ones, it's just an example to show what i mean) There are plenty of monsters (and people) that have hair. Oye.