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Ghost Story - Jim Butcher Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Jim Butcher is a master of weaving. The tinniest details and happenings that seem completely random never are. Holy cow they made this book grand. That and how much Dresden grew. I really can't believe how far the character has come since the first book. And we're only at the halfway point! I can't even imagine where things will go from here.

... I think I cried like three or four times reading this. Not long bouts of crying, just about 10-20 seconds or so, but that counts. Oh it counts so much. There's rarely a piece of media that can have me doing that. So thanks, Butcher, for tearing my heart into pieces. That's the mark of a great author, artist, or whatever else; it's not that they can make you feel happy, happiness is easy, it's heart crushing sorrow, gut wrenching pain - that's what sets authors like Jim Butcher apart from the rest.

Some people may think this book doesn't compare to the last few. Turn Coat and Changes were pretty intense, but so is this installment. It may not have as much action, but that's not where the heart of this one lies. It's in the characters. It's about Harry and who he is - which is just as important, if not mores so, than anything else for me. You not only learn more about Dresden himself, but also the impact he has on everyone in his life. Yeah, we know it's a great deal, but this one really drives that home. Point is, the focus of the book was perfect. It's exactly what was needed and should have happened after Changes. The last thing we needed was a huge action-fest again.

Now excuse me while I try to reconcile this joy and sorrow.... and giddiness... and just about ten million other emotions this book has me feeling.