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A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (REMY CHANDLER NOVEL) - Thomas E. Sniegoski The plot itself was a fair bit lacking, but the emotion was there. I almost feel like I was just reading a play, just reading character's lines with very little stage direction. The other thing that bothered me was how contradictory and repetitive the writing could be. I didn't need a reminder every five minutes that Remy was an angel and that he was shunning that side of himself, that he was all about humanity. Oye. I GOT IT. Also, the horsemen are scary. Got that too. As for contradictions, it goes back to this feeling like a play. There's such little description of what people are doing/what's going on that I guess it wasn't too big of a deal. There was a part where Remy left his house and was commenting on how hard it was raining and how cold it was and yet this girl was taking his dog on a walk. That doesn't make much sense at all. People aren't going to take a dog on a leisurely walk in a stupidly strong storm. There's other small things like where he got out of a car, the person started driving off, and THEN he closed the door of said car. Really? How'd that stay in the book?

Despite the glaring flaws, I still enjoyed the book. I liked the characters, there was a sincerity to them that can often be lacking in novels. Sometimes that's enough for me. Sometimes the story itself can be damned if I enjoy the characters enough and this may very well be that type of series.