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Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden There is a lot of interesting material in this book and I am curious to see where the series goes and what happens with some of the characters. It had that spark to make me want to read more... but... there's a gratuitous amount of sex. Not just your normal romp in the sack either, this is depraved shit going on. At least half of the (sex) scenes are rape too. I just don't get it. There's so much going for the series and some of the characters that I just don't get why so much sex was thrown in the book.

If you're a prude like me, it might be hard to get through this book. I found myself wanting to put it down a few times, but like I said, the story itself and the characters are interesting. There's new material and ideas here. You just have to decide whether the rest of the book is worth reading for it.

Oh. Almost forgot. The females in this book fall into two categories. They're either sexual objects or plot devices. Like the female protagonist, Meaghan (I think), she really just lacks any depth whatsoever. I'm fairly certain she there's primarily as a plot device. She reads like a character, not a person. She's just this perfect little person that knows the right thing to say or do at any moment. And she can cope, boy, can she cope. Nothing phases the girl, so if anything major happens in the book, she's like a plank of wood. Completely blank. Blech.

... I'll maybe organize and add onto this later. Woohoo, partial rambling reviews!