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King of the Dead - Joseph Nassise Terrible. Just terrible. I honestly can't pick out a redeeming quality to this book.

The point of view changes are so absolutely pointless it's frustrating. They offer nothing in the way of plot OR character development. Hell, I think it hurts both. The book would have greatly benefited from being told through just Hunt's eyes.

The plot is just atrocious. It's poorly paced and explained, things just kind of happen, and then it ends. The FBI agent hunting Hunt served zero purpose. I honestly don't even see why that was originally woven into this series. It felt forced and tacked on. Plot holes abound.

The other thing that really bothers me about this series - Hunt's ghost sight and harmonica playing. Ghost sight is pretty much Dresden's ability with a different name. The harmonica summoning/commanding ghosts thing is the exact same as Felix Castor's. How can you have such a random, unique technique that another author has? It rubs me the wrong way.

I'm really hoping I can convince my inner masochist to not read the next book in this series.