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Slashback: A Cal Leandros Novel (Cal and Niko) - Rob Thurman This series won't be a classic. It won't stand the test of time. It won't become required reading years upon years from now. No one will look back at these books and want to read them to say they conquered some monstrosity of wordsmithery. After it's finished, it will live, but eventually this series will be forgotten.

That's alright with me.

I won't pretend this is a masterpiece, I won't pretend it's flawless and deserves your undivided attention. I won't. I will say, though, that this series has the ability to make me feel and I think that's a real, genuine reason to read books - to experience a range of emotions that only life should be able to evoke.

The previous couple installments in this series have been a little weak, I think. They've felt forced and the events were just... blech. With this addition, no matter how cheesy the synopsis sounds, I feel like Thurman has gotten back to the root of the series and what I originally fell in love with. She's really honed in on the characters and developed them more thoroughly and convincingly this time around.

The plot is actually decent and I enjoyed the way Thurman wrote it. The chapters alternated between present time, POV Cal and past (12 years), Niko POV. It kept the story moving along smoothly and didn't let things become too bogged down. Not to mention it gave you A LOT of perspective into both the brothers and Goodfellow. Usually I hate switching POVs, especially in urban fantasy, but it worked really well this time around.

... I got distracted while writing this. Suffice to say, I enjoy this series a hell of a lot and especially loved this addition to it.