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The Big Reap - Chris F. Holm ARC from NetGalley.

This was another great addition to the series, but it was not without its weaknesses. I enjoyed the overall plot, but not the execution. Sam's job this time around was to eliminate The Brethren and from the get-go this seemed awesome. It really seemed like this would be a time to explore his character and the dangers of the job, but the rushed episodic nature of this story left me wanting more. I wanted to really see some kind of consequence for what happened, but each time the story just jumped to the next 'mission.' I feel like this would have worked better if this was an overarching plot for a few books, maybe not in a row but overall. Alas, that isn't happening. Too often anymore authors rush a story instead of letting it slowly grow.

I really wish a couple of these villains (heh, villains) could have stuck around longer because Holm really knows what he is doing when he creates them, but again, everyhing is so rushed you get the barest glimpse of them.

So yeah, I didn't like the pacing but I still enjoyed the heck out of Holm's imagination, the characters, and the overall style of the writing. I liked that events and charcters from previous books were present, that gives the overall series some cohesiveness.

I am happy with where the story left off, even if it seems too soon, I am definitely eager to read the next book in the series to see exactly where Sam will end up. I'll also add thst even though I've been given the chance to read this early, and for free, that I will still buy a copy when it is released. I enjoyed it that much.