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Three - Jay Posey I'll admit, the reason I wanted to read this was because I shaw the same last name of the author. Normally dystopian fantasy isn't really my cup of tea. Though now that I think about it, I haven't read much in the genre. So without further ado...

There was potential here for a good story, but there was just no spark of life in this thing. These characters have appeared numerous times throughout a vast number of books and that's not necessairly a bad thing, but in this case it was. There was nothing to set them apart from any other cookie cutter character. I think that's ultimately the biggest fault because really, this isn't a plot story, this is a character story. The titular character, Three, is your run of the mill loner who would normally live for only himself, but for nothing other than the sake of the plot he devotes himself so thoroughly to the mother and son. There is never a moment to justify this, never a scene to make you feel as though there is really a connection between them. Everything is so forced between Three and the mother and son. Especially the ending, it's eye roll worthy. The mother, Cass, and son, Wren, offer nothing to the story either. They are simply a means to... I don't know what. The story is about them, but because they are so poorly developed they don't even accomplish telling a story. Bad guys are all cliched cookies as well. I feel there is no reason to go into that again. (flat characters that is)

The worldbuilding was faiirly nonexistant as well. It's nothing complicated to get, but a bit more detail would have been very welcomed. Especially concerning these Weir creatures that everyone is so damned terrified by. They are just kind of there and that's it. Some kind of expose could have been given, to give the reader an insight as to what the characters are feeling when they encounter them. It's just all around lacking.

I have to admit too, that I skimmed a lot of pages in this one. So much of the book is devoted to walking or crouching in an alley or what have you. It becomes very repetitive and mind numbing to read about these characters walking around or running.

Ultimately, I just couldn't get into his. Flat as hell charcters, no worldbuilding, and repetitive writing just dosen't work.

I did get this ARC from Angry Robot for an honest review, I'm just sorry it couldn't be a posistive one this time.