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Perdido Street Station - China Miéville Often great detail and an immerse world are a good thing, it'll draw you into the story and characters far more than a world with the barest glimpse of it's edges. There are times, though, when there can be too much of the world. I feel this book is a prime example of that. Mieville has gone to such great lengths driving home just how repulsive and harsh this city is, you are reminded over and over and over again that it is not a nice place. The problem is, you are reminded of this up until the very end of the book, the VERY end. I just feel like this really hindered the book, the detail of the city itself overshadows the actual story and characters. Instead of reading about what kind of dumps there are and the cranes that move around trash, I'd rather have read more about the nature of The Council or the value of the Garuda way of life. Something more philosophical rather than mundane would have been fabulous.

Also, there were a few happenings that just did not make sense in this. One, why did regular jailers have keys to unlock the moths in the first place? For such a dangerous creature, you wouldn't let simpletons carry around keys - ESPECIALLY into the cell when the damn things can control you. Second, why didn't the Weaver just make a giant web and pop in and out with it to catch the moths? You'd think at some point a giant, super intelligent spider would think to use a web to catch a moth. Let's regress to basic nature for one moment, please. These weren't the only two instances, but they are two that would have had a huge impact on the story. These things should have been explained rather than just left out to move the story.

Also, also, fuck the word pugnacious.