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Back In Black (Black Knight Chronicles, #2) - John G. Hartness Well, this one was just as great as the first book. A few too many 'dudes' and 'bros' for my liking, but I won't let a thing like that bother me enough to like this book less.

This series so far, even if it's just two books, is a good example of how to mix action, humor, and romance. None overwhelms the other and it makes for the perfect combination. The action is pretty good and keeps me entertained. I don't find myself just mindlessly reading those parts. The romance is actually one that develops instead of being a sexfest that counts as romance these days. Thank goodness for this too. I can't express how happy I am that there hasn't been sex in these books. Seriously, I can't. Ihat's a digression I should probably stay away from though. The comedy is nice too. It's mostly just quips between the characters, but it comes across as genuine. I could very much see these character behaving the way they do around one another. Makes for fun times. =]

Onto the characters, they're very much the same as the first time around, but we do learn a bit more abotu them. Just a little bit, but it's enough to be believable. No sudden and drastic changes, just the slow getting to know them like you would a real person. Then there's the new characters that were introduced... who I really adore. Tivernius [I think I spelled that wrong] is just plain awesome. I definitely hope he'll be around in later stories. I'm enjoying Stephen, Milandra, and Otto as well. They're all pretty unique and I would love to see more of them. (view spoiler) I like that the cast is slowly growing and hope it keeps this way - so long as these characters aren't ditched forever. There's nothing worse than awesome characters with a lot of potential being thrown out after being used in one book.

We get to learn a bit more about the world in this one as well. A little more about what exists and the nature of vampires. I'm really enjoying these tidbits.

Hrm. What else? I guess I should list a few negatives so I don't just sound like a raving fan.

Like I said before, there are a few too many 'bros' and 'dudes.' I mostly just tuned those out after a while. I don't mind them being used, but the frequency of use could be lessened. There were also a couple continuity slip ups, but they were just on little silly things rather than with the story or characters. They didn't affect anything in the grand scheme of things, but you may notice them. I think that's about it too.

Also, if you do read this, read the Author's Notes. John Hartness is a really awesome guy. The respect I have for him shot through the roof after reading the notes from this one. People should read his books just to be supporting such an honest and good person.