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Imperium - Nicholas Olivo Well, I just ate this one up. It's hard to find an urban fantasy series with a fresh take on things these days, but Nicholas Olivo definitely pulled it off. Awesomely.

I loved the main character, he's just a good guy to the core. It's something that some author's try to create with their characters, but don't typically succeed in. I was impressed with how the magic was handled, especially since Corinthos is a god. You'd think at first that this would mean he'd just be an overpowered badass tearing everything apart, but that's not the case at all. He's limited. The compassion for his people was written well. You could tell he cared for his people and truly wanted to do good by them. I look forward to seeing more of this relationship - even though it seems like there could, and will, be a lot of heartache attached.

The side characters were thoroughly enjoyable as well. I didn't like this perfection that was shaping around Corinthos' partner at first, but a bit was explained and she definitely became more human. The magical shoe box is awesome. I'm still remembering all the characters names I enjoyed them so much. Usually those side guys are forgettable until scenes pop up with them, but not with these guys.

The story was pretty darn good too. It was self contained so everything was resolved in the end, but there are pieces that'll definitely come back later in the series. I appreciate that every idea Olivo had wasn't just thrown in here for the sake of getting it out. He held back, which is another thing a lot of authors seem to have trouble with. The beginning passages of each chapter, or almost every chapter, were interesting. They definitely had me lead in one direction until things became clearer around the middle of the book. Kudos to Olivo on that one. The creativity is definitely there for this series to survive and I'm looking forward to it.

One last thing, I have to express my deepest appreciation for not having to read some ill-placed sex scene in this book. It was there in the book, but it was done in a similar manner to how Patricia Briggs handled it - we don't have to read some stupidly long description of the sex. The characters do their thing off page.

Now, when's the sequel coming out?

2/25/2013 Update:

I wish I had never read this. The terribleness of waiting for the sequel outweighs the joy of reading such and awesome book. T_T